Databases are ubiquitous, powering the data storage, access, and retrieval functions needed by most applications we use on the internet today. With a constantly expanding landscape of implementation options and acronyms, it’s often difficult to understand where to begin (nonetheless figuring out how to choose one option over another).


Kaggle, TensorFlow, PyTorch, MxNet, and more, in just a few steps!

Using datmo to get a new TensorFlow project setup in under a minute

Whether you’re a novice data science enthusiast setting up TensorFlow for the first time, or a seasoned AI engineer working with terabytes of data, getting your libraries, packages, and frameworks installed is always a struggle.

While containerization tools like…

Explaining what’s been going on for the last few years, and what’s next for me.

I think it’s appropriate to start where most people left off with me, which was probably in my early college years. I, like many others, was a starry eyed college freshman looking to pursue science…

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How telling a story turns your demo into a captivating experience

As a technical evangelist, I’m always looking for ways to improve my craft. Learning how to get an audience excited about a product through a live demo is the holy grail of evangelism. You only get one shot. You live or die by the first impression your product makes.


Nicholas Walsh

Developer Relations at Amazon Web Services. Formerly MLH, Datmo, Wolfram Research.❤️ esports, AI/ML, and dunkin donuts coffee.

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