Chronicle to Creating a Podcast | Pt 1

My philosophy in life is that there is nothing stopping you from doing anything. You can do whatever you set your mind too, whatever you’re passionate about. I’m passionate about building businesses, so I have started and am currently building my own company. I am passionate about content, about the process of creating it, and about providing value to people. I’ve found enormous value in podcasts of late, and so thought, ‘Hey, why not give this a go myself?’.

So here begins series of posts that could be classed as a beginners guide to creating a podcast. A beginners guide, from a beginner. So maybe lets call it a ‘chronicle to creating a podcast’ — because I might fuck it up and therefore you might not want to follow the ‘guide’.

Over the next two weeks I’m going to be creating, producing, and publishing a podcast.

“What will this podcast be on?” You ask.

Well my friend, this podcast will be on Exponentials. Something that frankly, I do not know enough about to do a podcast on. But that’s the point. By creating the challenge of broadcasting my learnings to a limitless portion of the world’s population before a set deadline, it pushes me prioritise time to learning and developing more of an understanding of this hugely important area.

Notice the specific use of the term ‘Exponentials’, as appose to ‘Exponential Technology’. You see there is two subsets of exponentials. This is based upon a definition from the Innovation Partnership Program (IPP), a joint venture between Singularity University and XPrize (in alliance with Deloitte), created to help drive innovation in large organisations. The IPP reasons that there is two types of exponentials; exponential technology, and exponential tools. The technology provides the backbone for some of the worlds most ground breaking advancements, whilst the tools provide companies new models, systems and approaches to continually innovate their business process, and help deliver these advancements to the customer.

The explanation of the subsets of exponential technology.

The “Exponentials” obviously encompasses a wide range of technologies and tools. So, in the interest of brevity and detail I will focussing on one piece of exponential tech, AI, and on one exponential tool, digital currency. For each I will explain how the exponential is currently being used, who is leading the development of that particular exponential, and what the major developments will be in the next 2–5 years. Finally, I will elaborate on how those developments are going to impact our society.

It’s never been easier to create a podcast in my opinion. Anchor Radio — an absolutely fantastic platform — allows you to record audio using your phone’s microphone, then upload is immediately to Anchor, where it is then live for another 24 hours on your station.

As it says; Radio, reinvented.

In the interest of creating a more professional sounding podcast I will record the audio using a proper mic, have a stab at editing it using software I’ve never used before, and then upload it to Anchor following that. Hopefully it might sound a little bit more professional than it would do have just recorded it on my phone, but I’ve never used any of this equipment before, so I might be wrong!

As with anything, the more you learn, the more you understand how much more there really is to learn. Clearly I have not learnt this lesson enough times, as I somewhat naively assumed that podcasting was a lot easier than it is. However I now understand, to some degree, the scale of the process involved in producing a high quality podcast.

In learning this it’s tempting to delay the production of the podcast, to spend more time gathering and understanding the content, more time learning the in’s and out of the different equipment, and spending days and weeks learning how to use the editing software. But the truth is, I’d never learn anything. I’d spend too long in simulation, and never experience the ‘live rounds’. By setting a deadline (and making that deadline public) I am holding myself accountable for producing and publishing content on those days, and thus, ensuring that I learn quickly.

So, to make thing’s crystal clear, here is the timeframe:

Monday 17th July: 1st episode of the exponentials podcast, released on Anchor by 5pm New Zealand time.

Wednesday 19th July: 2nd episode of the exponentials podcast, released on Anchor by 5pm New Zealand time.

Friday 21st July: 3rd & final episode of the exponentials podcast, released on Anchor by 5pm New Zealand time.

So, if you’ve read this far, and are interested to see how the podcast turns out, please follow me on Anchor!

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Finally, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this piece, or on my podcast idea. If you could leave a like below, or even respond with your own $0.02, that would be hugely appreciated! Thanks for reading! ❤

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