While Apple’s design is bar-none, their ecosystem has been one of the stickiest things about my…
Anthony Bardaro

I hear what you’re saying, but to me Apple’s iCloud storage is one of the best things I’ve brought. I was able to free up 40GB of space on my 121GB MacBook Air, simply but optimising photo storage, and storing things in iCloud. The increase in performance from that alone was brilliant. Furthermore, all my photos on my iPhone have been optimised, so I have saved plenty on space on that, despite it also being a 128GB. I can also easily view my documents and data in the iCloud app – and send files easily from my phone.

To me the $4.99 NZD I pay a month is worth it for the exponential increase in performance and usability I gain from iCloud storage.

Although I understand it means that I’m locked into Apple’s world – like you said, it’s not that hard to get out of.

Just my 2 cents. Thanks for your response.

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