Love and its Importance

These past couple of weeks i’ve been really diving deep into the importance of Love. I stumbled upon this quote a few weeks ago and it really stuck with me. “Love is our true destiny. We do not find the true meaning of life by ourselves alone — we find it with another.” — Thomas Merton

No matter how tough you think you are, you can not make it through life alone. We need others and we need love. There is a certain feeling we obtain from human connection that we can’t provide for ourselves.

I honestly don’t think you will ever become whole in life until you find your significant other in life. Throughout your life you may have a few significant others, but with each loving process, you will learn something new. There’s something special about having someone who supports you through everything, someone to talk to at all times, and someone who pushes you to work harder. When we begin to fall in love with significant others, we learn a lot more about ourselves as well. Falling in love pushes us to strive to be better human beings. I suggest each person to go out and love recklessly, for real love is to love without any expectations of a return.

I end this with a poem written by “Unknown”

“We fall in love with personality, the words they say and their behavior the thoughts and opinions the moments you make and remember we lust with our eyes and love with our hearts. I would say it is completely possible to fall inlove with someone without having a physical contact because it is a pure, raw love for them; who they are and what they’re about. Perhaps it’s the best way to fall in love. You fall in love with the sight of their soul not the sight through our eyes — which may be misleading.”

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