Cell Wall Op Ed: Immigration Regulation/Regulating our Borders

Nico Salas, Grant Carey, and Olivia Brown

Border regulation is a major issue in our cell and would be left in disarray if not for me, Cell Wall. My immigration plan would be the primary mechanism to regulate the borders of our great cell. My plan would regulate exactly what exits and enters the cell, keeping unwanted molecules from illegally entering the cell from the extracellular space. The plan would use osmosis through the plasmodesmata to maintain the water concentration of the cell while also making sure that the cell does not explode due to absorption of water in a hypotonic solution or dry out in a hypertonic solution by holding water inside the cell. When I am elected, I will use my cellulose, a complex sugar, to fortify our borders in order to secure the cell and provide structure and stability that will ensure resistance against turgor pressure and external forces and protect all the other organelles and the inter-membrane processes. I will work tirelessly to use my oligosaccharides to promote intercellular communication by stimulating plant hormone, protecting against bacteria and viruses, etc. Lastly, I will ensure that our cell is part of a strong and unified plant free of pathogenic bacteria and viruses and whose leaves are able to stay up to capture the sunlight. Vote for the wall and together we can make the cell great again.