4-trak, Who Goes to Space Camp

4­-trak was 32 years old when he went to space camp. Since he was a 48” tall robot, most people thought he was a kid dressed in a costume. He wasn’t a kid, he was an outdated robot that was originally built for home recording purposes. He’d spent a few years saving up, and with the help of a successful crowd funding campaign, was able to attend a week-long space camp in Philadelphia.

The camp wasn’t quite as exciting as he thought it would be, but they did get to perform experiments, attend lectures, build a battery out of a potato, meet Eileen Collins, ride in a flight simulator, make friends, have a few laughs, and learn a thing or two about space travel.

His only true disappointment was that the hat he received at the end of the week didn’t fit, due to his oversized rectangular head.

4­-trak hoped that his memories would never be erased. He kept in touch with a few of the campers, until they grew up and stopped caring about being friends with robots.

The little guy is still functioning and currently works at an indie record label, dubbing tapes and doing the odd bit of publicity for a few bands he hates and one he’s really passionate about.

Watch 4-trak and Olivia Sea come to live in this animated music video from futurekids, Inservice.

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