Priscilla, Who Liked to Trip Joggers

Priscilla was 12 when she first tripped a jogger.

She did it by accident. She was walking her cat, Betty (a boy), on its leash. The jogger approached them from behind, which Priscilla didn’t hear because she was wearing headphones. Bam, the jogger went down. Betty made that annoyed/annoying sound cats make. Priscilla laughed really hard.

She made a note to always wear headphones but to never listen to anything when she was out walking. This way it would look like an accident anytime she intentionally tripped a jogger.

“Oh, sorry! I didn’t hear you coming up behind me.”

Long after Betty died, Priscilla kept tripping joggers. She’d trip old men, young women, even whole groups of high school kids practicing for cross country.

Priscilla was a real dick.

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