Pinterest- What matters to you?

Pinterest is one of the best apps out for finding and sharing ideas of all different varieties. Launching in March of 2010 the app holds a 4 star rating and has been around for over 6 years. Still widely used by the people Pinterest is addictive and very resourceful for finding new and unique ideas. Mostly used on the phone Pinterest also had a website where you can look at your profile.

Who is on this social media platform?

This app has no real age limit or restrictions for who uses it. I personally have see teenagers using Pinterest and even grandparents exploring for new ideas. Some may say that it is mostly used by females but there are many different categories for men and women.

When after selecting all of your interests when you make the account, your pin board should be filled with things you find intriguing. Somethings could even be helpful, I know as a photographer I am always looking for new editing tips. With Pinterest I am able to find those tips and tricks to help out with my photography.

Are any of your friends on there?

Many of my friends use Pinterest for various different reasons. Most of them use it to find new style for haircuts or clothes to wear. A couple of my friends say they uses it to help them out with new tattoo ideas or to help them decorate there college dorm room. Pinterest is vary versatile and anyone can use it in some way to help them be creative.

When looking at other social media platforms that I have used in the past this one really fits me and what I like to look at. Having a Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and a Tumbler is nothing like having a Pinterest.

How is it different from other social media platforms you have used? What do people use it for?

Pinterest is different because it has more of a creative style to it. It also isn't just you posting ideas you can take other peoples posts comment on it. You can also message them about it too. Then re-pin it so more people that you fallow can see it. You can also make your own boards to store ideas that you have found. This makes it helpful when your trying to find it later and you have them all categorized with different board names.

There are somethings that I noticed that I do not like about Pinterest. Specifically how you get notifications about someone re-pinning something that you re-pinned. If it is not your original idea then you shouldn’t get the notification the person who posted it should get the notification.

What is unique about it? What is not unique about it?

A unique part of this app is user experience and interface. The app is very user friendly and extremely easy to post your own pin or re-pin/ save pins to you own board.

Does this platform have staying power? Will it be around in two years?

I would recommend Pinterest to everyone it is great for everyday use. It is user friendly and very addictive. I do not see this app every going out of style or stop being used.