Apply for the The TransTech 200: Class of 2017

Altering What We Know About Our Minds and Bodies

A potential to change the future of health and wellbeing for billions

Have a product, project, or research with the potential to change the future of mental and emotional wellbeing for billions? We want to meet you. Applications Open at

Stress is growing so rapidly across all age groups, it now costs over $300 billion in lost productivity in the U.S. alone. And depression is now the #1 cause for disability globally. Even with these numbers, few focus on the human flourishing and thriving that completes the picture. This has led the Transformative Technology Lab at Sofia University, a research and development leader in solving this crisis, to create a list of 200 individuals and organizations that are using groundbreaking technology to change the course of human psychological well-being.

“The TransTech 200 is the first collaborative community of change-agents of all sizes and backgrounds who understand and use the power of technology to measure, stimulate and influence the human psychological state,” says the lab’s co-founder, Dr. Jeffery Martin. “They are redefining what we know about our minds and bodies, and affordably altering the future of health and wellbeing for billions of people.”

“If you are doing something you think is changing psychology in a positive way via technology, or know someone who is, we would love to hear from you,” says TransTech 200 co-founder Nichol Bradford.

Home of the annual list of companies, research and projects positively impacting mental and emotional wellbeing.

TransTech 200 nominees who are selected as members receive four major value propositions that help their ideas and products get to market faster:

1. Fast-track to investors and invaluable mentors who are looking to save time in due diligence when evaluating new products and ideas. According to TTL co-founder Nichol Bradford, several major VCs have indicated the list is a must-use tool for finding projects.

2. Exclusive connections with early global adopters transforming neuroscience.

3. Connection to a diverse community of researchers, makers, scientists and thinkers as a tool to exchange ideas and collaborate.

4. With self-nomination encouraged, individuals have an unprecedented opportunity to get their ideas, research or inventions vetted and promoted faster.

Categories for nominees include:

Exclusive Preferred Exhibition at the 2017 Transformative Technology Conference

TransTech 200 members will also get an exclusive, preferred exhibition opportunity at the 2017 Transformative Technology Conference at Sofia University in Palo Alto, CA from October 14–15. The conference is attended by over 500 global leaders and investors in Transformative Technology.