Social Media and the Work Place

The use of social media at work or school is an ongoing debate. Should you be able to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms while you are on the clock or no? In some cases, social media is a part of the job however in this age technology has taken over. It does both good and bad things for employees and their respective companies.

Personally, I think that there should be allowed some use of social media in the workplace however there needs to be some guidelines for the use. Sometime you need to take a moment to step away from your work, social media is a good release for that at the right times. If you are working, have things to be working on or in class, you should not be using social media unless directed. If you have a free moment then it would be okay to use it.

Everything that is posted and written on social media follows you for life. It is also a reflection of your employer too. How? you are a representation of the company you work for. What you post therefore is a representation of your employer. Adidas reminds its employees to post using common sense and that it is their personal responsibility to edit their content.

DePaul University says,

“As brand stewards, each of us tells the DePaul story every day: in how we talk about DePaul; in how we do our jobs, serving students and helping them succeed; and in how we represent DePaul in the larger community. We have a special story to tell. Let’s tell it, together.”

They want students to write their stories along with them. Everything the students, faculty and staff write needs to go along with the university mission.

After reviewing both school social media policies and office place social media policies, I learned that these policies are in place not only to protect the companies but also its employees and students. They want people to be educated on what is good and bad practices and the outcomes that can come from it. They do not want any bad to happen on social media but companies know it can happen and want to ensure their employees and students are educated correctly.

I would not say that the policies I looked at restricted their employees but rather made them think twice about what posting something could mean. Best Buy gives a few ground rules that are common sense things their employees should not post such as legal issues pertaining to the company, opinion on anything in the media regarding the company, and sharing information regarding their customers. These do not seem too out of the ordinary but rather common sense things the employee should already know.

Social media is ever changing both for the good and the bad. Workplaces and schools just want to protect their employees and students while educating them on good practices online. Education is a key to success and being educated online will help keep everyone safe.