Women’s March —A worldwide focus

Title: Pictures From Women’s
Marches on Every Continent

Subtitle: Crowds in hundreds of cities around the world gathered Saturday in conjunction with the Women’s March on Washington.

Opening of the piece, we begin in Washington D.C.

Link to piece: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2017/01/21/world/womens-march-pictures.html?_r=0

This multimedia piece is a montage of photos, videos, and highlights (text) from the Women’s March, spanning across all seven continents. In the section I focused on, the New York Times provided its readers with an image of the march in a given city whilst having a globe icon, displayed in the upper right corner, present the coordinates of that particular city on the globe.

Women’s March in Paris, France.

I liked this piece because the Women’s March was an event particularly near and dear to my heart, as an avid feminist and attendee, myself. I think the piece shows the international rise of feminism and a sense of global community. I was particularly moved by the hand-crafted signs shown in the images. Despite the march taking place in countries outside of the United States, these nations still discussed America, and used the rhetoric “not my president” and “love trumps hate”. It made me recognize that the entire world gathered together for a day to acknowledge such a significant event. Furthermore, it shows the influence American politics has in the global sphere, in this case mobilizing the entire world to march in community with one another for a day.

This piece represents a good use of multimedia by combining the photo and graphic element. By having the photo be coupled with a live graphic it engages the reader and allows them to travel the world with the images, mirroring one going on an adventure. Other parts of the piece use video and text elements (in the highlights and 360 video sections). Therefore, the piece combines different mediums to not only enhance the story but also create a message of its own. The most powerful multimedia is when the medium becomes a central component of the message.

I disliked how long the piece was and how many images were from similar locations (example: Oakland and SF were both featured). It began to feel a bit excessive at that point. I also think the piece would have been more powerful if it was shorter. The major drawback was that it was just too much content for the average reader to take on. I personally got through the whole thing, but I read it in two seatings.

Antarctica’s Women’s March!

Therefore, to improve the piece I would firstly shorten it. Also I think it would be really cool to make the photo’s live photos — like the way you can snap live photos on the iPhone. I also think if there was audio from each city as you watched the moving photos that would be incredibly powerful, enhance the story, and set the scene for each location. Furthermore for navigation, it would be really interactive to have the globe be at the top of the piece and allow readers to access each location by hovering their mouse over the city on the map.