Turning your house into a dream place

A couple of years ago my and I decide to make an extraordinary purchase — we bought a loft of an old factory with the idea to turn it into a habitable place for two of us. Even though it was a long a sometimes difficult process, we have managed to turn this loft into a sunlit cozy place.

When we first came to see the building, we did not know where to start so we decided to start step by step with small things like floor. The floor was very old and needed renovation. The best option was to sand it down, and even though it was expensive, we did it as we wanted it the floor to be solid.

The main idea was to make the place sunny and spacious. My wife worked as an architect for some time but she had no experience in interior design so we asked our friend Lindsey to help us with design. Apart from turning the loft into a sunny house, we realized that we needed to make the space functional and safe. We decided to make a big wooden wall in the middle of the loft that would work as a wardrobe and a shelf at the same time. It gave us possibility to use the space practically and to hide out stuff from the eyes of our guests.

Bedroom. Wooden “wall” also became a wall dividing living room from our bedroom. There was not much space in the bedroom to put a lot of stuff there but enough for a good bed. Bedroom is the place where you have rest from a long working day and this is exactly the place where you need to feel relaxed. For this reason I was very demanding in regard to quality of bedroom bed. My wife and I visited several furniture shops and mall but we could not find what we wanted. Lindsey recommended us to check www.comfyco.com/store/modern_bedrooms.html and it appeared to be a good idea as we managed to find a good bed that would suit our standards and needs.

Kitchen. My wife had an unusual idea — she wanted to make a square pass through from the living room to the kitchen to pass something small like a bottle of wine instead of going to the kitchen. I did not support this idea first, but I gave up as she wanted it so much.

I thought that it was best to tile the kitchen to make it more washable area.

Living room. As we wanted to make the living room sunny and spacious, I installed huge windows so that the day light could easily penetrate into our new place. To make the place brightly lit in the evening, I installed a lot of lamps and curtains to have some privacy. With such bug windows our living room was spread before the eyes.

Turning the old loft into the place our dream really took a while. We did is step by step but when we realized that the most difficult work was far behind, we were very happy with the result.

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