Aesthetics IA#3

“Up close and personal interview” (Synthesis)

To do: Write an essay comparing/contrasting at least 3 reported artists.

This week was the presentation of our first group activity, which is to interview different kinds of artists. Among the artists, 3 artists really caught my attention and heart because of their inspiring story about their career and their explanation abour art. Mrs. Nova Villa (actress), Mr. Bayani “Yannie” Rumbaoa (1st Filipino coin engraver) and Mr. Rolly Susmeña (painter). The 3 artists I mentioned have their different perspectives and story about art and how they have been successful in their career.

Being an artist is never an easy thing, life, time, hardwork and the need to take risks is your investment in order to make you successful in your chosen career, and these are the things I have seen to those three artists, they have also shown their dedication, passion and willingness to show the world how nice is the feeling doing your passion is also your job. Their difference is that they reach their goal in their own different ways, in ways that made them happy.

Mrs. Nova Villa a respected actress in the showbiz industry, she really have shown how good a Filipino in the art of acting is, by her some of the comedy movies and television shows. To give smile and laughs to the viewers is what everyone can see is her role in the society but based on the interview she also have been an inspiration to the young people like us especially to the young actor and actresses today because of what she has already made on the showbiz industry and her achievements in life . Bayani “Yannie” Rumbaoa, the first filipino coin engraver in the country, his career served as one of the important part of our history. His humble heart is also one of the factor I saw during the interview that made him successful. His interview taught us,even if how far you have reached in your life, never forget to look back and give thanks to those people who helped you. Express your feeling and give message through painting is his role in the society, the painter namely Rolly Susmeña. His willingness, dedication and his heart is what you can see while he was painting he really made good paintings and it really catches your attention.

Those traits mentioned are the things I really want to imitate in my future career. Give time, effort, life and have a humble heart are all the things I think I need to be successful in future my career. I really hope that I will be able to do all of that and have courage to also inspire people around me and acquire some of the traits of the three mentioned artists. I do also believe that God has plan for me and I am ready to take those difficulties in life, because also the 3 artists didn’t just become successful in just a blink of an eye.