Honor thy Father

This movie was directed by Direk Erik Matti, this film was an entry to the 2015 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF). The movie is all about to a family, who encouraged their co-parishioners to invest their money to an incorporation, which they don’t know is a scam. The family of Edgar has been blamed because of the money lost by their co-parishioners. Their family was put on danger because of the debt.

Honor thy Father taught us some lessons in life, that a father can do everything just to make sure that his family is safe from any danger. Edgar also showed, that even an illegal thing can be done by a father in order to save his family from the vengeance of their co-parishioners, like robbing a bank, buying an illegal firearms, etc. This movie is also to enlighten everyone to what is really happening to some institutions like church, because it is also shown some illegal activities to the church they have been part of. The film also taught us, that we should always be sure in every decision were making, we shouldn’t be blind about what is real. The love to the family has been also portrayed by Edgar, in which he also cut his hair in order to show to his daughter that she is not alone in being bald headed, which has been done by their co parishioners.

This movie is a must watch movie of every Filipino, even the people around the world because it taught the viewers some important lessons about life.

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