Nichrome Excels in Bulk Packaging of Grains

It’s the festive season in India; a time for holidays and celebrations packed with more get-togethers, more cooking, more eating. A visit to any supermarket will reveal customers buying sugar, tea, pulses, rice and grains in large quantities to cater for the next few months.

Bulk Packaging of Grains

Today, more than ever before, with increasing supermarkets and online shopping, people are buying more and more branded products. And they’re buying larger packs which often work out more economical. So packaging of the product has become the face of the company. It not only improves shelf value, it assures customers that the ingredients inside the package are fresh, uncontaminated and in good condition.

For manufacturers, CSSP pouches of varying capacities make sound business sense. Nichrome’s Excel SeriesPouch Packaging Machine for grains offers a versatile solution. The Excel 400 offers high speed packaging up to 5 Kgs while the Excel 600 is suited for bulk packaging up to 25 Kgs. This tough workhorse comes with Servo Auger Filler for applications such as rice, wheat, pulses, sugar, seeds & tea; and Bulk Weigher for granular products such as atta, spices & milk powder.

Nichrome Excel 600 offers automatic VFFS systems for packing grains in 5 to 25 Kg pouches which are perfectly sealed & sturdy. More importantly, this packaging is a superior alternative to gunny sacks which most often lead to wastage and contamination.

Excel 600 has a motorized precise film reel unwinding mechanism with pneumatically operated system for horizontal sealing. The bag length control system is Servo driven, and the machine can be integrated to upstream or downstream systems.

Nichrome’s automatic packaging system packs 5–25 packs per minute, and is extremely economical as it reduces man power, consumes less electricity assuring higher productivity! The large packs reduce unit costs, improve shelf life, promote wholesale/retail acceptance of the product, and improve handling in transport, warehouse or retail outlet.

This makes Nichrome the go-to grains packaging machines manufacturer for cost-efficient bulk packaging of grains including pulses packaging, seeds packaging, sugar packaging, etc.

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