Nichrome Offers Premium Quality Packaging Machines 
 For Various Food and Non Food Sectors.

Nichrome is a renowned packaging machines manufacturer of India. Nichrome’s packaging machines such as tea packaging machine, spice packaging machine, sugar packaging machine, cooking oil packaging machine, dairy products packaging machine, liquid filling machine etc. offer solutions to the food industry. At the same time, Nichrome’s shampoo filling machine and pharmaceutical packaging machines offer solutions to the non-food industry.

Being the top packaging machine manufacturer, Nichrome’s packaging solutions offers the following benefits:-

Nichrome’s VFFS, HFFS & Multilane machine series caters to any one specific product and also various other products, giving consumers (manufacturers) an advantage of using a single packaging machine to pack a wide range of commodities.

For example:

Tea packaging machine can also be used for sugar packing, grains packing, pulses packing, whole spices packing, seeds packing, etc.

Spice packaging machine can also be used for milk powder packing, coffee powder packing, premix packing, instant mixes packing etc.

Cooking oil packaging machine can also be used for edible oil packing, ghee packing, vanaspati packing.

Dairy products packing machine can also be used for liquid packing and additional commodities like milk, flavored milk, lassi, juice drinks, mineral water, liquor, curd, butter milk, oil, basundi, etc.

Pharmaceutical packaging machines can also pack pastes, cream gel, lotions, iodine, ORS, capsules, tablets, alcohol pad, wet wipes, medical devices, syringes, nutraceuticals etc.

Shampoo filling machine can also pack body wash, cream rinse, liquid soap, conditioner, toothpaste, gel, lotions, make up remover, fragrances, iodine, towelettes and wet tissues etc.

In the current era of packaging, Nichrome’s machines deliver optimum quality packaging for a wide variety of commodities depending upon the quantity to be packed. With more than three decades of experience in providing innovative packaging solutions throughout a wide array of industries and applications; Nichrome provides premium packaging solutions for your choice of products. The company provides packaging machines in India and also overseas for specific product lines with high quality flexible machine lines.

Apart from the above mentioned product lines, Nichrome’s expertise range from food and non-food products including salt packaging machine, powder packaging machine, ready-to-eat (RTE) packaging machine, milk packaging machine to name a few. Nichrome provides full support to customers, right from consultation and customized machine development to extensive after sales services.

Operating in 45+ countries apart from India, Nichrome has done 7000+ successful installations worldwide.

To know more about Nichrome innovative packaging solutions and its various packaging machines, visit Nichrome’s website.

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