Nichrome Revolutionizing the Packaging Industry With Its Pick-Fill-Seal Machine For Ready-to-Eat Food

Modern technology is now an integral part of nation’s society today with high-end package usage increasing rapidly. As consumerism is rising, rural India is also slowly changing into more of an urban society. The liberalization of the Indian economy, coupled with globalization and the influx of the multi-nationals, has improved the quality of all types of primary and secondary packaging. Also industrialization and expected emergence of the organized retail industry is fuelling the growth of packaging industry.

Packaging, as distinct from mere “packing”, plays it’s most visible and catalytic role in a modern economy with the widespread adoption of branding of products and development of consumer preferences. To the extent that any consumer product is packaged in a manner that meets the criteria of safety, convenience and attractiveness, it gains market share.

According to the reports “India Ready-to-eat food market is projected to grow at a CAGR of around 22% during 2014–19. The market is anticipated to grow on account of increasing working population, growing per capita disposable income, rising per capita expenditure on prepared food, increasing middle class and affluent consumers, etc. With the rising employment opportunities and changing lifestyle of consumers, the demand for ready-to-eat food products in the country is projected to grow during the forecast period as well. India has a large base of young consumers, who form majority of the country’s workforce. These young consumers hardly find time for traditional cooking due to their busy lifestyles which further creates significant potential for ready-to-eat food products. Thus this creates need for safe and secure packaging for these ready to eat food.

Nichrome is one such leading ready to eat food packaging machine manufacturer in India who has been constantly contributing to the growth of the sector with its various innovation and technology. Packaging is an essential medium for preserving food quality, minimizing food wastage and reducing preservatives used in food. The advancements in food technology and packaging technology have made it possible to extend the shelf-life of these products.The packaging serves the important function of containing the food, protecting against chemical and physical damage whilst providing information essential to consumers and marketers.

Nichrome’s Pick-Fill-Seal machine provides combined benefits of variety, productivity and specialty packaging for ready-to-eat foods. A unique advantage of this machine is its advanced technology that enables 2 or 3 different fillers to dispense multiple types of ingredients in the same pouch. The machines conveniently pack wide variety of ready-to-eat foods in eye-catching innovative shapes while maintaining freshness of the products. A cost-effective solution with multiple filler options like Visco Filler, Servo Auger Filler, Volumetric Cup Filler, Multi-Head Weighers, Indexing Type Bucket Conveyor, etc. Also the specially designed RTE filler can dose Indian curry based products having heterogeneous nature through gentle handling without damaging the food particles. These Ready-To-Eat food pouches packed on Nichrome PFS can be later subjected to retort process for long shelf life. The compact and small machine footprint enables saving of space.

Ready to eat foods such as Palak Paneer, Dal Makhani & other gravies, Ginger Garlic Paste, etc. can be easily packed in the pick-fill-seal machine.

Nichrome’s Pick-Fill-Seal machines can also be used for vegetable seeds packing, nutraceuticals packing and namkeen packing. Other applications include various solids, grains, dry fruits and liquid products in pre-formed flexible pouches. The Pick-Fill-Seal machines gives the flexibility to use a variety of stand-up pouch formats and shapes with spouts, straws, zipper, etc., and also to use different formats of pouches, smaller production runs and help branding of premium products.

Key features of the machine

· Can pack solid, liquid, viscous liquid, powder, grains and so on with different fillers like Multi-Head Weigher, Linear Weigher, Auger Filler, Gravity Filler, Flow Meter, Piston Filler, Cup Filler, etc

· Can pack extensive shapes, styles and type of stand-up preformed pouches with straws, spouts and zippers; suitable for multi-layer compound, monolayer PE, PP film and paper

· Automatic checking: no pouch or pouch open error; no fill, no seal; the pouch can be reused thus avoiding wastage of packing materials and costly product

· Pouch loading through horizontal conveyor allowing more pouch storage at a time and accepting inferior quality pouches also

· Lubrication-free plastic bearing for less pollution

· No oil vacuum pump, thus maintaining cleanliness in production area

· Product or pouch contact parts are stainless steel or suitable food grade materials which comply food hygienic requirements

Nichrome can supply speciality stand up pouches with spouts, straws, zipper on request.

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