His Old Man

An old man threatens his son

Half an inch thick hardened leather military belt

Military man

A son who will fight anyone

And win every time

But beaten till he pissed his pants

Running home

He has to beat that old man

Father chasing, belt in hand

Old man on his heals pulling away from his son

His son to be beaten again when he gets home

He gave his father a gun with pearl handles

His father took it gladly

Along with his life

Son now father

A beautiful baby girl

Trapped in the wrong body

He didn’t know he had a son

He found out 14 years later

And he takes after his father

An old man with a temper

A son who pisses him off

A son who tries to listen

But never can

Wandering mind ensnares him

His father doesn’t listen to his plea

His son cowered

Old man thinks he’s sizing him up

He swore he’d never hit him

He pushed him instead

Cornering his child

At least he had somewhere to run

His son already feared him

But he could no longer respect him

His son said something and he took it the wrong way

He hit his child with the palm of his hand

And his son’s head almost hit the car window

No warning

No reason

The boy who was beaten

By his old, military man

Has finally hit his son