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The notion that it is liberals that are moving from JC to Forsyth county in droves is comical. If the author believes these people are liberals, she doesn’t know them very well. The people that have moved out of JC to move away from “the Asians” are white Christians that are very (very) conservative and have either never lived around anyone other than other whites or are like my old neighbors who literally said they were moving to west Forsyth because “all the sports teams in our school district suck now because there are too many Indian kids”. Good ridance I say.

I am actually one of the elusive white liberals in this area and I moved from JC to Forsyth county about 2 years ago. My neighborhood in Forsyth is actually more “Asian” than my old neighborhood in JC. Diversity had nothing to do with our decision to move. We literally moved across McGinnis Ferry because that is where we found the best house.

Here is where I think lies the biggest issue — many whites have no idea how to socialize with non-whites and many asians have the same problem. Many whites have a legit concern that asians do not get involved in school and neighborhood activities. This definitely drives a wedge between the two groups. But I don’t think many whites spend a lot of time trying to come up with ways to make these activities more inclusive — I wish they did. But I have seen the same behavior with the asian families as well — they are invited to many events but don’t attend and after awhile people stop asking.

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