Graphic Designers are becoming more active on social media

I’m always on social media. I never questioned how effective or ineffective my usage on social media was as a designer, until I came across this article that asked, “Is it time for designers to leave Twitter?” This article brings up the debate if designers should take a break from Twitter, after one designer responded to a tweet from an author who had just announced the completion of her new book. The tweet read, “ If you missed it: I’ve written a book! It’s coming out very soon, sign up to get it first.” Erik Spiekermann, who is a well known designer, took issue with how her tweet was worded and responded with, “Actually, you wrote a text. It took a few other people and skills to make that into a book.” Spiekermann’s response soon went viral and there were many responses from different designers and authors including J.K Rowling.

This article drew my attention initially because of the headline and how compelling it was for me personally as a designer and as someone who uses Twitter everyday. The readability of the article kept me engaged due to the subject matter which allowed the authors tonality within the article to be more relatable. The author also chose to break up their text with screenshots of the actual tweets which wasn’t only nice aesthetically but also it was humorous to witness the actual altercation.

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