Keeping Up with the Jones's

From generation to generation, storytelling has changed its way of presenting a story but what hasn't changed is the way people think as far as wanting the newest and hottest item or news. From previous generations, I like to believe that when reading a story they were genuinely interested in what they were about to read and had an intention of sitting down and reading a story. Back then, newspaper articles and books were more widely used then today in my opinion so when indulging into a story, all your attention was focused there. Today, our generation wants to know what is going on all the time. I think that the younger group spends a lot of their time on their cell phones which entails that they are reading up a lot on recent news and highlights which they then communicate with others about.

Millennials do have a different expectation of what is going to come out of a story because we want to know right away what is going on rather then read a thirty minute article just to find out something we could have heard in a thirty SECOND story. To me, a lot of this generation has a very short attention span due to cell phones and television use, so i absolutely agree when it comes to a different expectation. I think it is hard for millennials to sit down and read for a long amount of time, so when getting assigned huge readings its hard for students to be able to sit down and crank out a 7–10 page reading. The stories that catch my eye are the ones that stick out with interesting headers and have a lot to do with pop culture or sports, stuff that I am interested in. A lot of the time it is hard for me to stay interested in a reading if it doesn't benefit me or interest me in any sort of way.

For example, an article like this is quick to catch my eye because I am very into music and I listen to these artists on a regular basis. Another reason would be to start a conversation with my friends about hearing about this new song that’s coming out. Examples like those are what i think millennials tend to do a lot because that is just how we interact and make friendships and conversations; by bonding over what we like and dislike, as well as what we are doing in our free time. Storytelling principles like branding can be very useful in creating stories and I think that a lot of the time a reader is drawn to stories due to familiar logos or faces.

All in all, businesses and companies could use short articles and stories as well as big headers to draw in readers from our generation. With that, it is easy for readers to know what they are about to read about and also are not taking an hour out of their day to read a story that could have little to no meaning to them in the long run. In conclusion, lets make reading short and concise in the future so that we are using our valuable time wisely and getting smarter and more education as we move forward!

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