The Art of Super Bowl Ads

Bai is a company that produces antioxidant infusion drinks. Throughout the Super Bowl, there are always ads that stick out to you more than the usual one and stick in your head to tell your friends about later. With this ad in particular, Bai was the one that stuck in my head. The ad is about a gangster looking male who talks about how everyone is confused that he is a horse whisperer. He then goes on to order demands to the horse in the background and says it in a very demanding and not soothing voice. The whole point is to connect how Bai’s drinks are not what is usual either, saying 5 calories and good tasting drinks are hard to find, just like a gangster yelling horse whisperer.

This ads audience is intended more for a humorous crowd that enjoys a good laugh and understands the comparison they try to explain. The company is identified pretty clearly right off the bat, as he is holding a bottle of Bai in the beginning when he walks out. With that, about 5 seconds in is when he actually addresses the company's name out loud for you to recognize. Although this ad was very entertaining to me and had me focused on it the whole time it played, it did not have a plot or tell a story in its 30 seconds. I think without a plot, it did a good job of getting to the point of the ad and made sure you got a lot of visuals of their product.

The ad I chose contradicted what Mr. Quesenberry suggests, due to the fact there really isn’t much of a plot. I do agree with what he thinks makes a successful Super Bowl ad, although i think the ad i chose does a good job of promoting its brand and getting a good laugh from the audience.

Lastly, this ad is very humorous as well but doesn't do as good of a job connecting the drink to the actual ad itself. Although they use very famous and knowable people in their ad, I still didn't get the message of their product as much as i did in the original ad I chose.