A Working List of PHON Candidate Stories

Since new year there have been a high number of stories about Pauline Hanson One Nation candidates who have said or done things considered controversial or inappropriate. This list will attempt to provide the sources of such stories for your reading pleasure. (Posted 16th February 2017. Last updated 7th May 2017.)

Lawrence Shave — WA Lower House (Legislative Assembly) for Dawesville

Bikini coffee drive through

Pastor Shave was soliciting for women to work in a drive-through coffee shop while scantily-clad.

Michelle Meyers — WA Lower House (Legislative Assembly) for Bateman

Gays use Nazi mind control

Ms Meyers claimed a mind control program was developed by two Norwegian homosexuals to sway Christians in favour of the ‘gender industry’ push to legalise same-sex marriage and accept ‘fake families.’

PHON has yet to denounce or support Ms Meyeres and Qld Senator Malcolm Roberts has repeatedly avoided taking a stance on Meyers statements.

Cameron Bartkowski — WA Upper House (Legislative Council) for South West

Lewd Facebook pages liked

Mr Bartkowski came under fire in early February 2017 for having a number of sexually-themed pages liked on his personal Facebook account. Some included ‘Milf secretary housewife’ ‘Best ladyboy all over the world’ and ‘AdultWork.com profiles’ among others.

Richard Eldridge — WA Upper House (Legislative Council) for South Metro

Advocated killing journalists, attacked gays, blacks, Muslims

Mr Eldridge used a now defunct Twitter account to suggest killing Indonesian journalists, tweeting ‘ “Let’s hunt down some indo reporters and balibo them.’

He also attacked homosexuals as ‘poofters,’ labeling their relationships as ‘poo games.’ Muslims were called ‘little sheet heads’ and he advocated for taking up arms against them. He also suggested the black people who make complaints are doing so because they are unattractive.

On his new Twitter account, Mr Eldridge has distanced himself from the remarks saying the comments do not reflect his current views.

David Archibald — WA Lower House (Legislative Assembly) for Pilbara

Single mothers lazy, ugly

Mr Archibald has described single mothers as lazy and as being responsible for the population becoming more lazy and unattractive. Senator Hanson has stood by the candidate since, despite once herself being a single mother.

Rozane Bezuidenhout — WA Lower House (Legislative Assembly) for Cannington

Called for return to white rule in South Africa

Ms Bezuidenhout is a South African national who has signed a petition in favour of a white-only state within the Rainbow nation. She has also urged her Facebook followers that ‘whites worldwide’ should unite to achieve a white state in South Africa.

Tracey Bell-Henselin — Qld Unicameral House (Legislative Assembly) Glasshouse

Gay Community to destroy families

Ms Bell-Henselin used her personal Facebook account to criticise the gay community for being out to ‘destroy families as we know them’ and for being the ‘real manipulating bigot.’ Senator Hanson has since endorsed her.

Former Candidates

There are a number of other people who were at one stage either candidates for PHON or in line to receive such a position and their stories are listed here.

Mark Ellis — Qld Unicameral House (Legislative Assembly) Macalister

Former Police Officer Faced Charges of Kidnapping

Mr Ellis resigned from his candidacy in April 2017 citing abuse and harrassment from “lefty media and the pathetic haters”. He came under severe scrutiny when screenshots released online showed Mr Ellis threatened to kill a former employee who ceased working for him.

This followed the revelation that Mr Ellis was a member of the ‘Pinkenba Six’, a group of Qld polic officers who were charged with kidnapping in 1994 after taking three indigenous youths from Fortitude Valley in Brisbane to Pinkenba 12 kms away. The charges were later dropped

Mr Ellis maintained he was not a thug or bully, a claim he said would be substantiated by his staff.

Mr Ellis was also photographed giving a Nazi salute while standing on a swastika he had mowed into his lawn.

Andy Semple — Qld Unicameral House (Legislative Assembly) Currumbin

Inappropriate Tweets

Mr Semple was withdrawn only one day after being announced as PHON candidate for the Qld state election after some of his previous Twitter activity was found to be inappropriate by the party. Some of the content included criticism of gay marriage and women who wear burqas.

Brian Brightman — WA Lower House (Legislative Assembly) Joondalup

Convicted of Theft

Mr Brightman was convicted of theft 23 years ago after he stole $1100 worth of departure tax stamps while working for customs at Perth airport. Senator Hanson conducted a Facebook poll to determine whether he should remain a candidate, and despite 60% of those polled approving of his nomination, he was withdrawn as a candidate. He now intends to run as an independent.

Shan Ju Lin — Qld Unicameral house (Legislative Assembly) Bundamba

Gay people abnormal, should be treated as patients

Ms Lin has stood by her comments that homosexuals ‘should be treated as patients’ since being disendorsed by the party and notified via Facebook.

Peter Rogers — Qld Unicameral House (Legislative Assembly) Mulgrave

Port Arthur faked, Syrian toddler death hoax

Mr Rogers was removed from the list of PHON Qld election candidates after an article was found online in which he describes the Port Arthur massacre was fabricated and that the death of a Syrian toddler on a Turkish beach in 2015 was faked.

Dane Sorensen — WA Lower House (Legislative Assembly) North West Central and Sandy Baraiolo — WA Lower House (Legislative Assembly) Thornlie

Failing to meet PHON Standards

Mr Sorensen and Ms Baraiolo were both disendorsed by PHON for failing to ‘fall in line’ with the party hierarchy. WA party leader Colin Tincknell denied reports the removal of the pair was related to their disapproval of the preference deal done with the WA Liberals in forthcoming election.

Due to WA electoral regulation, the two candidates will still both appear as PHON nominees on the coming ballot.