10 Things to do When You Finish CPCU

This article originally published at InsNerds.com

1. Take stock of what you just accomplished:

Take a moment and realize that you’ve just done something that almost everyone in our industry wished they had the grit to accomplish. Only 10% of insurance professionals ever take a single test and only 4% ever complete their CPCU.* Congratulations, you are now part of the elite! You have essentially finished the equivalent of a Masters Degree in Insurance via self-study while working full time! You have successfully eaten an elephant and slayed THE BEAST (540). Whether it took you ten months or ten years this is a major accomplishments that will pay dividends for the rest of your career. In other words, you rock!

2. Thank your support system:

Nobody does CPCU alone. While the studying is largely done alone, you can’t do it without your support system. Thank your company and your boss for paying for it. Thank whoever introduced you to CPCU and whoever pushed you and mentored you along the way. Most importantly thank your significant other, kids and family for understanding you’d be really busy for a while and allowing you the time to dedicate to CPCU.

3. Take a well deserved break: