…today I woke to the sound of traffic on the street, birds in the feeder and the tap tap tap of my 2 corgis walking in the hall.

Sun shining on my face and a still small voice in my head saying “I love you” is how TODAY greeted me and how I greeted me.

Today, the day after the first day of spring and again Im amazed at how my internal dialog has changed, how I shifted the thought in my head from one that was not so kind to myself and to an ongoing chatter of my own personal worth and value. I did this on my own, both to me and for me.

Basking in my bed I continue to listen for sounds, to take in the warmth on my face and to feel joy in my chest. The word joy seems to be a bit trite but for now that’s the best word I can think of, Id rather not think but instead just enjoy the moment of me being in love with me. This is a new to me feeling.

Warmth on my face, joy in my soul and clarity of my value as a new day and a new season begins. Not only a new calendar day or a calendar season but another new day and another new season on the ongoing always revealing path that is my amazing life.

I love you is a what we all crave to hear, mostly we desire to hear this from others yet fail to realize we need to hear it from ourselves. To put ourselves at the top of the list of things to do today and to take time to begin changing our inner dialog is the key to self love.

For me, the first step was Not I have enough. Not what I do is enough but instead I AM ENOUGH! I myself and in my own being where I stand in my NOW on my own path is ENOUGH.

Almost 6 months ago I woke to hearing myself saying I love you. This was the first time I can honestly recall actually saying that to myself and meaning it. Changing how I talk in my head is where I started. Accepting where I am and not comparing myself to another is how I continue to grow and evolve into the amazing person that is me.

It all starts with I am ENOUGH!

-nick .r

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