No Less Than

…some just don’t get it till its to late, till the last button has been pushed and YOU are past the point of no return. Some just don’t get what they had until YOU ARE GONE. Sometimes the only recourse is to put YOURSELF first and break that promise to always be there as THAT person can’t find it in himself to simply ONCE be there for you. To put YOU above friends and strangers who don’t mater or really count. Sometimes and this time its just time to walk away and be better to yourself than allow that one person to put you last yet again. Sometimes you just need to say DONE. 2016 will not be a year where another puts me anywhere other than number two, just after himself as I deserve no less than that. When your looks fade, and they will, and what you call success resonates to NOT be said and when you wake to find you still are alone, look in the mirror as its your own doing. Sometimes some are selfish shallow and simple minded when they could be so much more. I am not less than and will not be treated as said again.
-nick .r

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