…what do you say when you get a call, “can you come? Ive been in an accident.” What do you say when a friend is hurt, or is hurting? “they sent my mom home, home to die, this is shitty, just fuckin shitty” What do you do? I tell ya , we stop the babble in our heads about how our lives are unfair, how that last lover was a jerk, how someone used us or abused us and we SHOW UP for the one who made the call. The one whos “this” is bigger than our THAT will ever be.

Josh is a friend of mine who has not had an easy life and frankly Im often amazed how he has not said much about being given the “short end of the stick”

Days before the holidays and his mom was given days to live. Days after the holidays and he’s caring for his grandmother who cant seem to grasp that her child, his mother is now gone.

Impressed is what I am. Impressed that so much is on my friends shoulders and he’s still not into meth, or coke or … that Josh says not much past “this is shitty” as he keeps caring for the one who needs him the most.

Twenty months back I said move home with me to my ex. He was in a bad accident, an accident that was 100% not his fault and a series of injuries that made it hard for him to think, to feel ,to think past today. Bill says nothing much past “this sucks”

Pain meds offered by the dozen, multiple combinations he turns down. Opting for water therapy, yoga and anything that may naturally pull his damaged mind and body back to something normal is all he asks for.

Impressed is what I am, Impressed that so much that is not his doing is on his back. HE opts to stay away from what others run to, gravitate to and become addicted to. “This sucks” is all he says as he looks at other ways to make tomorrow better than it was today.

My life, my little struggles my little silly complaints are NOTHING when compared to “this is shitty” and “this sucks”

My life is easy next to “this” and my THAT is nothing next to theirs.

-nick .r

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