The kind of people you want to work with, and what to ask them to tell it’s them.

I’m starting my medium blog with this: you don’t want to work with people who do things they wouldn’t even remember in 10 years, with people who don’t care about what they do. Do things only with those who connect what they do with their calling. This is alpha and omega. This is what guarantees you’re in good hands with top-knotch quality service. This guarantees they’re going to be better the next time you talk to them, because they develop themselves as they go. They struggle and win to get better, because it matters to them for the reasons where money or fame can’t reach. People like this are easy to work with, they know what they do and why they’re doing it. I ask people I meet three simple questions: what are you better at than 95% of others, what is your calling, and how can I help you get there. Works like magic.

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