The Internet Really Has Changed Everything. Here’s the Proof.
Rex Sorgatz

Rex Sorgatz, I had the honor of visiting Stanton, ND on business about 6 years ago (power plant stuff), and was eager to hear what you had to say about how technology has affected life in real small towns. It was great to hear the perspectives of kids in Napoleon today, as my short visit to Stanton actually made me wonder about that very topic. It’s nice to hear that at least some of them appreciate the benefits of small town life, which was something I always revered while growing up in a very large suburb in NY.

I agree that Photog2 (Andrew Spear) really did a freaking great job capturing the town. I felt that ND in the winter was desolate, peaceful, and beautiful in that way. The people there made it feel warm.

This was a great piece. Thanks for satisfying my curiosity.

BTW, did you know that there is a hotel outside of Bismark that has a pretty respectable waterslide for guests? I still haven’t found such a thing in any of my travels since that trip.

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