For thousands of years, humans have been trying to extend their life span. Every year, we have gotten closer and closer to a viable solution, yet we are still so far from achieving an extended lifespan.

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Today, we have reached a global life span of 72, however, we’re spending larger amounts of our lives being sick. Throughout this article, we will explore how to optimize our health span rather than trying to extend our life span. There are multiple reasons that contribute to our ageing.

1. NAD+

A cell knows how to work because there are NAD+ molecules that help the cell communicate with different parts of the cell. Scientist found that increasing the NAD+ molecules that cells have, proved a strong correlation in helping increasing healthspan. It showed that triggering NAD+ with NMN reversed ageing rather than stopping it altogether. A supplement that triggers NAD+ is called Elysium and Tru Niagen. A bottle costs approximately $45 and shows no negative effects to date.

2. Senescent Cells

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If your cells don’t die when they are affected then they end up being ZOMBIE CELLS that affect other cells. These zombie cells are known as senescent cells Your body sometimes clears it out naturally or through fasting, although sometimes it doesn’t clear it out. It can help solve a lot of problems if we can kill senescent cells, but how do we kill them? We have a self destruct protein known as p53. A lot of the companies working on self-destructing cells are cancer research companies. Research shows that less senescent cells = fewer cancer cells. If we figure out how to get p53 in cells we could use this to potentially extend our health spans.

3. Gene Suicide

When doing experimentation on worms, scientists found that mutating a gene called daf2 doubled the life span of the worm. They achieved this by decreasing the amount of daf2 and increasing the amount of daf16, which proved to make the worms healthier. They linked a similar function to the hormone 1GF1. This hormone is found naturally in your blood. They tested a decrease in the hormone in mice and found that it had increased their overall lifespan by 33 percent. Humans naturally get an increase of 1GF1 when they eat. As a result, it could mean that eating less would help genes like 1GF1 die (gene suicide) and would, as a result, increase your healthspan.

4. Telomeres

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Telomeres are like the protective ends on your shoelaces. In this case, though, they’re on your chromosomes. If you don’t have any protective layers on your chromosomes your genes can get mutations. The problem is, after a while, these ends start to shrink and shrink, making the gene more vulnerable to mutations. One of the highest causes of the shortening of a telomere is stress. This is because when you stress out, your body releases chemicals making your telomeres weaker and causing it to deteriorate.

5. Free Radicals

When cells are missing electrons, they are known as free radicals. Free radicals steal electrons from other things as a result and this creates oxidation which is caused by poor nutrition, stress, pollution, UV rays, etc… Free radicals are inevitable but you can take better care of your health. Anti Oxidants such as blueberries and strawberries give you extra electrons. But if your goal was to eat antioxidants to get rid of free radicals, you would have to eat 120 oranges every day and that would probably lead to a bunch of other problems. Currently, there are not many solutions to getting rid of free radicals, however, it is proven that walking barefoot outside every day for 20 minutes can help as the earth is charged with lots of extra electrons.

6. Nf + kB

NF-kB is a shortened name of Nuclear Factor kappa-light-chain-enhancer of activated B cells. It is not a single protein, but a small family of inducible transcription factors that play an important role in almost all mammalian cells. It controls the transcription of DNA, cytokine production, and cell survival. Scientists found that when increasing the amount of Nf +kB, it would increase ones’ healthspan by allowing cells to thrive and survive longer. However, when senescent cells have large amounts of Nf +kB, this could result in more senescent cells and gene mutations.

7. Misfolded Proteins

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At any given time, your proteins can misfold. Misfolded proteins can lead to various diseases such as Parkinsons and Alzheimers. It’s strange because it has the largest effect on your brain. Studies show that eating unhealthy food can put abnormal bacteria in your gut and can misfold proteins. These proteins travel directly to your brain through your neutrons and can cause ageing faster.

8. GDF11

GDF11 is a drug that repairs stem cells functionality. One of the main reasons stem cells are not getting as much attention as they should is because the conservative government shut stem cell research down. GDF11 IS NOT heart-specific but it helps a lot with muscle growth, brain activity, regrowing hair, and tons more. A high amount of GDF11 increases ageing as well though. This, therefore, means, that too much GDF11 can kill you, and too little can kill you. Like all things, the drug is best when in balance. However, how might researches find what that balance is and how all humans can achieve it.

9. Intercellular & Extracellular Debris

When your mitochondria produces energy it also produces waste and that waste accumulates over time and your cells get worse at clearing them out. This is known as intercellular debris. There are also extra things outside your cells which is similar to plaque and can affect your cells severely. One viable solution to ridding our cells of this debris could be nanotechnology. However, there’s not much research scientists are doing on how to use nanotech to solve this problem.

With tons of upcoming technologies and so many ways to increase healthspan and lifespan, it seems extremely likely that our generation will live longer than any before. But is any of this even ethical? And how would we make sure everyone has access to this. Could this end up being survival of the richest?

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