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“The wealthiest companies are technology companies. Google, Facebook, Amazon, Tesla. And the reason why these companies are the most powerful companies in the world is because last year, data surpassed oil in its value. Data is the most valuable asset on Earth. And these companies are valuable because they have been exploiting people’s assets.” — Brittany Kaiser, Former Business Development Director of Cambridge Analytica

In our new technological era, companies’ interactions with civilians extend far past our daily consumer activities. What we as a society have failed to understand, is that if we’re not paying for the product, the answer is simple: we are the product. With applications designed to falsely portray people to be socially amicable, to allow predators to covert their identity when they target others, our digital world has entered a dangerous atmosphere where privacy is exchanged like currency. …


Nikhil Trehan

TKS Innovator and AI Developer

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