how will these judgments will be enforced?
Urgenda, Our Children’s Trust, and Beyond: Bridging the Gap Between Agreements and Accountability
Lindsay Harris

This is the question I always wonder when it comes to climate change litigation as well. Especially when the action is against the state it becomes difficult to do anything outside of fines and even then who would the fine be paid to, who would manage the collection and spending of fines, etc. Especially if the argument is that cases like this are deemed to be sort of the people v the state in relation to climate change violations then should the money from a fine then be paid to the people? or re-invested in the climate? I am happy that the court ruled the way they did and i believe things like this are important to holding the state (at least in theory) accountable for their actions; however, like you touched on the enforcement mechanisms are kind of a major unknown at this point and I am looking forward to seeing how and if this judgment is enforced and the consequences that follow.

Great blog to compliment the class lecture!

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