Why The War To Demonize Serena Williams Makes Her A Winner
Ezinne Ukoha

“ have the freedom to throw their weight about with minimal consequences — it doesn’t mean a more talented Black woman can equally enjoy those allowances.”

You haven’t done your research, John McEnroe was warned, penalised and fines repeatedly during his career. he was also often booed by the crowd, particularly at Wimbledon.

Serena behaved poorly and has a history of this. She is using he gender and race as some kind of excuse to push responsibility onto something else.

“ we can’t ignore the fact that Serena Williams was penalized for expressing how she felt as a woman.”

Who cares. If women want equality with men, then they should take responsibility as an adult.

And the real shame is how she ruined her competitors, lets not forget, another woman of color, moment of victory, truly a sad spectacle.

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