Elixir: Module: Convert mps to mph or kph

Compile Elixir module

In the interactive Elixir shell:
 — compile convert.ex
 — execute each function in Convert module

iex(1)> c('convert.ex') 
iex(2)> Convert.mps_to_mph(20)
iex(3)> Convert.mps_to_kph(20)

BEAM: Bogdan’s Erlang Abstract Machine (virtual machine)

When the optimized code of the Elixir.Convert.beam module is executed in the shell, BEAM immediately interprets it. Since such a module does not need to be imported as a similar module might be imported into Python, e.g. import convert. Instead, an Elixir module is immediately available to its current working directory:

iex(1)> Convert.mps_to_kph(20)