Alien Worlds Mission Notifications are BACK!

Nick Kusters
2 min readFeb 9, 2023

After the ‘Topics’ feature was added to Telegram, and upgrading my room to use these new features, my Bot integration broke, because the main API did not support these new forms of chat. This meant our lovely bot that powered lots of stuff, went down. And, because my workload is near infinite, I never got around to rewrite the bot to bring the notifications back up.

The mission notifications were liked by many people, and I’ve gotten a lot of requests to bring it back, so when I was showcased the new gHubs platform, I was suggested to send in a proposal to fund fixing the bot so we can bring the notifications back. Getting funding to bring the bot back would at least let my justify putting the Notifications Bot above other paid work 😊, so I submitted a proposal and it got approved.

I’ve been rewriting the bot over the last few days, and just had it sent out a new Tweet and Notification to the Telegram room. It’s alive again!

I have plans to do more than just ‘bring back’ the old bot, so watch this space for more updates, but at least, for now, we’re back baby!

Twitter: AW Mission Bot
Telegram: Alien Worlds: New Mission Notifications (Unofficial)