The Rise and Fall of YPlan Is The Most Boring Tech Story Ever
Nandini Jammi

Couldn’t agree with you more on this article and was going to write something similar. I’m founder of DesignMyNight who have been quietly in the wings building a profitable company for the last 6 years in this space having raised only £500K and thus not getting the mass hysteria in tech press…although we have 2 x b2bSaaS systems generating 6 figure profits and a consumer site attracting 4M views a month.

Too often, pre-profit, or even pre-revenue, companies are pushed into the media bubble. All too often it makes for a public feeding frenzy. What is needed instead, is patience and timing. Understand your customer, build something they want, think about profitability and only then make people aware of it, not the other way round.

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