Our North Star

For those of you that have been following our progress on my LinkedIn posts know that we have been heads-down building our product and go-to-market strategies. Today, I get to officially announce that Aptrinsic is ready for its next phase of growth. Our product is starting to be deployed by a few early access prospects, we released our new website with product overview and we are on track for a Fall 2017 publicly available release. Exciting times!

As a result, I wanted to thank a few people that have been helping us with our go-to-market messages and product design — with your help we are a better company and team.

First, I would be remiss if I didn’t thank Tae Hea Nahm of Storm Ventures and Dan Avida of Opus Capital for believing in our vision of delivering on a platform that helps software companies engage in new product-led go-to-market strategies. In addition, I’d like to thank Travis Kaufman at Leadspace for all his guidance, Jose Pastor at Ring Central for his blended view of website, web and mobile in this new world, Robert Tinker, Co-founder & Board Member of MobileIron for his insights into better positioning, and Sean Jacobsohn of Norwest Venture Partners for introducing us to so many product leaders that helped us hone in on product/market fit. Last, but certainly not least, a huge thank you to the over 50 business and product leaders we’ve met over the last 6 months. Your feedback has been invaluable to our mission. Thank you!

I’m thrilled and energized to be on this journey with Mickey Alon, Gil Michlin and the rest of the Aptrinsic team. To have achieved this first milestone so quickly with our, simply put, amazing engineering team in the USA and Tel Aviv, has been exhilarating. These guys are real-time and AI experts and I’m confident, with their leadership, we will deliver the most scalable, easy to use and feature-rich platform in this category.

Again, to everyone who have helped us achieve this milestone, and afforded us the opportunity to follow our own North Star, thank you! Lastly, if you get a moment, please check out our new website.

Your product is your best sales tool — we help unlock its potential.

Aptrinsic is a personalized product experience platform that helps companies acquire, retain, and grow customers by creating real-time, personalized engagements driven by product usage. With Aptrinsic, companies can implement an effective product-led go-to-market strategy that will increase product adoption and customer lifetime value.

Aptrinsic provides product managers and marketers with tools to make informed decisions on what to build next, collect relevant feedback from the right customers, and guide prospects and customers to “aha!” moments.