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The purpose of this post is purely selfish; to help me clarify my own thinking through writing and seeking feedback; but hopefully is of value to others!

The reason I’m dedicating some time to this has come through conversations with a School Principal who I’m currently coaching and our conversations around the leadership team and the individuals within it, alongside my curiosity around the meaning of words. It also links to my ongoing thinking around what is needed to enable us all to become ‘future-fit’ in a VUCA time when the rate of acceleration is accelerating.

Those of you have read any previous posts will know I am a big fan of the following Alvin Toffler quote, and as such I will suggest which fits where in agility and adaptability. …

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There has been significant discussion in recent months around distance/remote/virtual learning largely as a result of COVID-19 and education settings having to rapidly pivot to a different model of delivery.
The initial idea on using the phrase Distributed Learning came from listening to a Podcast that was discussing John O’Duinn’s book on Distributed Teams where he challenged the concept of remote teams, and how these are perceived.

The purpose of this article is to suggest that ‘Distributed Learning’ is a more positive and constructive phrase to use as education settings move to a wider range of learning options being the ‘new normal’ as opposed to just a response to COVID-19. …

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According to the Oxford dictionary, smart means intelligent, acumen. In this sense, the article’s title ‘The Smart School’ may be misleading and cause readers to think this article is about educational achievement rather than about schools where advanced equipment and technology are used to take educational processes forward, including more efficient and effective operations. Despite this, we have decided to keep the title ‘The Smart School, as it’s the most commonly used phrase when talking about the implementation of the Internet of Things (IoT) to augment current practices e.g. Smart Cities/Communities.

Augmenting learning, teaching, leading, and management via the implementation of technologies is the overarching aim of the Smart School. Until now, most references to ‘Smart Schools’ and technology has focused on teaching and learning. While this is both welcome and understandable, there are significant opportunities beyond this narrow constraint to explore how technologies, such as IoT, can significantly enhance current management and leadership practices in schools. Many technologies we have written about before may be familiar to the majority of our readers, but one that may not be is IoT. …


Nick Burnett

Education and Learning Entrepreneur and Futurist.

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