Tips for Finding a Reputable Bondsman According to Nick Stroboulis

Nick Stroboulis
Jan 29 · 2 min read

Nick Stroboulis, a native of Greece, is an American success story. Over the years, he has owned many businesses, including Main Street Bail Bonds. While his days as a bail bondman are a thing of the past, he shares tips for finding the best bail bondsman.

Nick Stroboulis
Nick Stroboulis

Learn the Bail Amount
According to Nick Stroboulis, those looking for a bail bond agent should learn the bail amount first. It can be tricky to set out to find a bail bond agent without knowing the bail amount. Once the judge has set the bail amount, the court can also recommend possible bail bond companies for different bail amounts.

Talk to a Lawyer
Nick Stroboulis mentions that defense attorneys and bail bonds companies often build great relationships. Those defendants looking for a reputable bail bondsman should start by asking their lawyers. Lawyers can recommend to their clients bail bondsmen who already have their seal of approval.

Learn About the Fee Amounts Upfront
Before settling for a bail bondsman, Nick Stroboulis recommends people learn what the fee is upfront. Although in most states such as Illinois, Maine, Kentucky, Wisconsin, and Oregon is 10 percent, the fees bail bondsmen charge varies by state. They should stay informed regarding the fees in their state.

Consider Cheap Fees a Red Flag
According to Nick Stroboulis, who was in the business for many years, those looking for a reputable bail bondsman should be aware of those charging low fees. If they want to charge anything below 5 percent, the person should reconsider their services. People need to remember you get what you pay for.

Online Reviews
While most people should take online reviews with a grain of salt, Nick Stroboulis recommends everyone reads online reviews about the bail bonds companies they’re interested in. The reviews will provide an overview of client satisfaction.

Nick Stroboulis is currently the owner of Bella’s Cleaning Service, Inc. in Davenport, FL. Before starting Bella’s Cleaning Service, Inc., Nick Stroboulis owned Main Street Bail Bonds, and New Jersey Fugitive Recovery Group. He has also worked for American Express Co., Airlines Reporting Corp, Arpol Travel Agency, and. He currently lives in Florida with his wife.

Originally published at on January 29, 2020.

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