Why Your Developers Need To Pick Up Support Queries
Toby Rogers

Your theory works best in both directions. In 20 years of coding on large commercial products, the best software/service provision teams I’ve worked with, have contained devs with good support skills and equally PMs and managers with at least some degree of coding, DB, infrastructure and/or hardware background. I personally wouldn’t employ a PM who couldn’t, at the very least, debug some simple HTML or query a DB table just to lend a hand during a go-live crunch or critical bug fix. There are far too many technically illiterate PMs in the industry, riding a career on the back of talented devs when they really should have stuck to sales or people management for the betterment of all involved in the, often disastrous, projects they lead.

“Mostly introverted” is possibly an unfair generalisation. Coders usually appear quiet for the simple fact that bug free, well authored code is born from a highly technical skill that demands long periods of uninterrupted concentration. For that reason alone most of us despise the constant chatter of open plan offices and circular bickering in meetings so tend to retreat into headphones just to get the job done.

Anyway, good article, I enjoyed the read.

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