The Hidden Gems of Midtown

A view of Simple, an ice cream sandwich shop in Midtown.

Midtown is known as the “hipster district” of downtown Reno, Nevada. It is home to an eclectic mix of restaurants, shops, food trucks, concert venues, and other businesses. With so many businesses popping up, many of them get lost in all of the commotion. These are a few of the lesser-known businesses that I think deserve more recognition from Reno locals.

The Golden Jackal

A beautifully embroidered logo jacket — one of the many awesome things you can expect to find at the Golden Jackal.

Owned by Peter Barnato, The Golden Jackal is one of the more unique shops in Midtown. Specializing in a curated mixture of classic mid-century and old western styles, The Golden Jackal brings back sort of an “old Reno” aesthetic.

From leather, to denim, to custom t-shirts, Golden Jackal has anything everything you need for a “western rock n’ roll” style.
“I really wanted to create a place that was obviously really unique anywhere in the United States, but especially here and I think Reno has a really interesting kind of culmination of culture.”

Barnato had spent over 10 years collecting vintage clothing from leather jackets, denim vests, t-shirts, patches, and so on before he felt he was truly ready to open his business.

Peter Barnato sits behind the counter of The Golden Jackal.
“We just wanted to have a place where we could create clothes. It’s really curated, we have certain aesthetic that we’re going for. Kind of a classic American style, I guess.”

Though the shop is only a few months old, it has already been visited by bands like The Growlers. If you are looking for some cool new threads to shake up your wardrobe, look no further than The Golden Jackal on 600 S Virginia St.

Simple Ice Cream Sandwiches

Simple Ice Cream Sandwiches is a brand new place to get a sweet treat in Midtown. Originally intended to be a shop that used cookies for their sandwiches, it would quickly evolve into something a little more original - donuts. Jessica Schneider started with the popular thrift shop and tourist attraction, Junkee and would later add Simple as an extension to the shop. Staci Madrigal gave an inside scoop on Simple, as well as what their mission is as a business.

“When she [Schneider] first came to Midtown, she noticed that it wasn’t a great neighborhood and she wanted to clean it up. Her main goal with Simple was to bring in tons of families, and so far we’ve been having a whole bunch of families come in and it’s like an after school treat and this is the place to be.”
A glazed donut with cake splatter ice cream in the middle.
“For the past 8 years they’ve been trying to recruit someone in the Midtown area to make an ice cream shop and Jessica had all this space so she decided why not, and we got partnered with other local businesses like Doughboys. We get our ice cream from a local creamery in Minden and our doughnuts from Doughboys.”
“First we started out with just cookies. Rounds Bakery has the “cronut”, and that is like a croissant-doughnut and everybody really loved that idea so we wanted to incorporate more of that rather than the cookies. So we checked out Doughboys which is like a local father and son business and they deliver to us fresh every single morning and we’ve been doing it ever since.”

For just $4, you can get one of these delicious ice cream sandwiches for yourself, the only hard part is deciding between the many combinations of donuts and ice creams that they have to offer. If you’re in the mood for a sweet treat at a great price, come check out Simple at 960 S Virginia St, Reno, NV.

Bad Apple

Located at 1001 S Virginia St, Bad Apple is bringing vintage and contemporary clothing together.
“Sad Boys Club.”

Francesca Martinez is the proud owner of Bad Apple, a fairly young streetwear shop in Midtown. Bad Apple specializes in half-vintage, half new clothing that aims to be affordable for college students. From handmade goods, to pins and patches, to original clothing, Bad Apple has everything for you to stay trendy.

A view of the store from the front entrance.
“The aesthetic of the store is 80’s and 90’s, pretty much reflecting the current trends now. I also have a ton of handmade goods, as well as patches — anything to reflect anyone’s creativity on their outerwear. This place is just a fun, cartoony way of expressing yourself.”
Just a few of the many patches that Bad Apple has to offer.

While Bad Apple sells clothing that is mostly for women, there are still a few pretty sweet items for the guys as well. Martinez hopes to continue to grow her store even more and eventually expand and sell more stuff for men. If you’re looking for some trendier clothing at a great price-point, head to Bad Apple, located at 1001 S Virginia St, Reno, NV.

Midtown has a little bit of everything for everyone, so if you find yourself down there, make sure to check out everything it has to offer — you never know what you might find!