Tom Snider Continues To Help Wolf Pack Radio Grow

Tom Snider, manager of Wolf Pack Radio

Sacramento native, Tom Snider, has accomplished a significant amount in the time that he has been at the helm at Wolf Pack Radio. Tom has increased the number of DJs at WPR from 15 to 55 in the short amount of time that he has been manager. Tom has helped diversify the selection of music that is broadcasted which ranges from indie rock to hip hop. DJs that work for Wolf Pack Radio are constantly going to local concerts to check out the talent of Reno. Sometimes local artists are even showcased on Wolf Pack Radio, exposing listeners to a variety of local talent. Tom has helped to shine a spotlight on many local bands and has been a driving force in making the Reno music scene more prominent. Almost a decade later, two music snobs sit across from each other in what should be an interview. However, it seems as if it’s merely a casual conversation between two music-lovers.

“You know, it was just one of those things… getting involved on campus was a big one.” Tom said in response to being asked if he had any interest in radio before coming to UNR.

He would later expand on this question by telling me that WPR was doing all of the things he liked doing, such as digging for artists that people don’t necessarily know about or listen to, which made him want to work there even more. He says he was a ‘metalhead’ at the time, but they needed a hip hop DJ at the station which in turn would help him dive into the genre of hip hop.

“There wasn’t much of one.” He said, after being asked about the local music scene in his hometown of Sacramento.

Tom says he was completely amazed by Reno’s local music scene. He says it’s much more prominent here and it’s not hard to find a place to catch some great local artists. Snider recommends going to the Holland Project here in Reno. Many local bands and artists play there regularly. So much so that Wolf Pack Radio staff members can be spotted there frequently.

Tom Snider has significantly increased Wolf Pack Radio’s size and popularity. He has done a fantastic job of shining the spotlight on the local music scene and has helped it grow as well. This goes to show that a little curiosity and a drive to get involved at school can go a long way.

If you are interested in working for Wolf Pack Radio and would like to get involved, you can visit for more information.