Why Gyroscope is Great for Athletes & Martial Artists

Nick Austin
Apr 21, 2017 · 2 min read

I’ve used an app called Gyroscope since 2015. Gyroscope is app on iOS and Android that allows you to connect a bunch of different fitness systems together into one dashboard. This makes for some really interesting analytical insights about your activity levels and fitness — it makes self-monitoring extremely convenient.

As a mixed martial artist, I have often challenged myself to hit workout and weight goals. This is why I’ve enjoyed using Gyroscope.

When you log runs in Strava or RunKeeper, for instance, the run will show up in your Gyroscope dashboard, and you’ll also be able to find your heartrate data from the same day — you start to get a better picture of your overall health this way.

And with elegant graphs that chart your body fat and weight changes (according to whatever Smart Scale you’re using), you can more easily motivate yourself to workout harder or change your strategies. Check out some of my charts!

In 2016 I adopted a workout and diet regimen to gain weight. It was easy to visualize this with Gyroscope.
(my stepcounts are low because I often don’t carry my iPhone during workouts)

What’s also nice is that you can create leaderboards with your friends even if they are using different stepcounters. One thing I didn’t like about Fitbit was that I could only see steps from my Fitbit friends — with Gyroscope, it doesn’t matter what fitness tracker they’re using, as long as it hooks up to their iOS or Android health data it can load into Gyroscope.

Leaderboards with your friends are fun!

So, if you’re at all interested in making it easier to log your fitness data and view it in one easy place, go try it out!

Note: I am a part-time consultant for Gyroscope, but I’ve used the app for years before ever working with them :)

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