Collision — Chapter One: Arrival

The block room, bright white with barely any features visible. Its like a green screen room, but y’know, white. Some faint edges, slightly curved, can be made out in places just out of the corner of your eye. Nothing is certain in the block room until it begins.

Zing! Pop! A midnight blue portal has opened on one side; if it can be called a side, of the block room. Anti light is spilling in, swirling shades of grey, navy blue and russet brown. Its as if someone is lengthening a telescope right in front of your eye, the image is dragged away from you as it grows. Within a minute, its complete. A man steps casually into the block room.

“Arrival One” comments a disembodied Delhi Indian woman’s voice. “Captain Jack Harkness, refugee of time.

“Well, that’s quite an entrance” Jack comments. He’s a tall man, broad shouldered, with a perpetually sly grin on his face. He slides his hands into the deep pockets of his military coat, the sturdy blue fabric has seen many times and time jumps. He considers the coat an essential part of his “look”.

“Now, where the hell am I? God, I hope I’m not about to meet my maker” he says to himself, flipping open his wrist watch-which is actually more of a time travelling aid but looks like a really chunky watch (think 80s phone version of an Apple Watch circa 2016). Secretly, a corner of his mind hopes he might be meeting his maker.

His brow furrows as he taps his device, it beeps several times before sparking. “Yowww!” he shouts, pulling frantically at the strap and throwing the thing towards the ground, or rather the white space in the block room that seems to be working as ground for Jack’s purposes.

“Okay, so you’re no help. Where am I? Should have jumped straight to Alonzo.” He begins to pace, peering at the space looking for any markings, doors, signs of interaction. “Hope he doesn’t get started before I figure out how I’m gonna get back. Oh the things that man can do…”

As he trails off a second Zing! Pop! reverberates in the room. This time, the whirlpool of colour is silver, mustard yellow and what looks, to Jack, like technicolour glitter. “Nieeetttt!” yelps the young man who falls into the block room. His eyes widen and his arms flail out at his sides, like a flamingo about to dive (Not that flamingos do that, do they?).

“Arrival Two. Pavel Chekov, intergalactic explorer” chimes the voice again.

Jack leaps across the room with a great stride, his boots planting firmly as his arms wrap around the man, pulling him away on from the floor and upright.

“Thank you” Chekov says politely, before gasping. “Wait! Where am I? Did the transporter not work?”

He begins to spin around. Jack smiles widely, assuming a power pose with his hands on his hips. “You’re guess is as good as mine.”

“Oh no, am I stuck inbetween transports?” the blonde man has short curly hair which he begins to start pulling through his fingers, examining each strand crosseyed. “Neit, I seem to have all of my particles.”

Jack grins at the young man, enjoying his erratic examination of the situation. “Captain Jack Harkness”, Jack reaches his hand out to his new companion in the mystery-verse.

“Oh, hello.” Chekov notices Jack fully now, tilting his head to one side. “Chekov, sir” he replies, nodding emphatically at Jack. Jack beams back at him, gripping his hand firmly in a shake.

“Captain? May I ask sir, which vessel you are the Captain of?”

“No ship, time watch.” Jack gestures to the smoking watch on the ground a few feet away from them” “Formerly I suppose now, couldn’t get the damn thing to get a reading on our location before it blew up on me. Literally. Any bright ideas?”

“Hmm, yes!” He reaches into his back pocket, pulling out a triquarter and a tablet-like device. He begins scanning and swiping, racing about the block room.

“So, what vessel are you from? You sound Russian. Come here often?” Jack asks Chekov, watching him work while trying to work his charm.

“I was aboard the USS Enterprise, or I was supposed to be. We were beaming off world after the Captain, Kirk, caused something of a…civil war…”

“Sounds like quite the adventure. Enterprise? What system is that from?”

“Sol. Planet Earth originally, but we’ve been travelling for a number of years, Captain.”

“Jack is fine”

“Yes, Captain, uh, Jack”

“Any luck with that thing?”

“Niet, all my readings indicate that we are in empty space, a vacuum. Yet, we can breathe. It makes no sense.”

Zing! Pop!

“What is zat?” Chekov exclaims, turning to a third swirling mass of dark browns and forest greens.

“New arrival” says Jack, also turning to see who is approaching. This time, as the figure coalesces into the room, a torrent of purple smoke pours in, placing a woman into the block room before speedily retreating.

“Ah!” the woman calls out, balancing herself as the smoke disappears.

“Where am I?” she says, with an Earth australian accent.

“Arrival Three. Belle French, multi-world librarian”

“I’m beginning to like this place” comments Jack, taking note of the beautiful woman before him. Belle is clad in rich red leather, including a tight jacket, boots and trousers; or pants as Jack would call them.

Narrowing her eyes, Belle turns into a combat stance, swiftly pulling a dagger from its sheath on her leg.

“Who are you? Why did you bring me here?” she demands, her eyes darting between the two men. Chekov turns to Jack, throwing his arms up in surrender.

“We did not bring you here!” He explains. “We are not even sure where we are.”

“The man speaks the truth miss, we’re as lost as you are. Sure, seems like someone knows who we are though.”

“Who?” Belle asks.

“No idea, but someone’s playing announcer.” replies Jack.

Zing! Pop! “Arrival Four. Jillian Holtzmann, paranormal engineer” says the disembodied voice.

“See” Jack turns away from Belle, who peers round him at the new vortex as a mishmash of blonde, iron grey and rusty orange appears.

“Oh my gawwwwwd!” Eeeks a voice from the swirling mass. Stepping with almost lunging steps from her portal, the goggled woman has a grin almost as large as Jack’s.

“I did it!” she exclaims. “Trans-dimensional travel through a prototype hyper gateway…or something.” She stares around the three waiting figures, as if unaware of their presence, moving her goggles onto her forehead with an elastic snap.

Belle steps forward, to one side of Jack, still keeping a careful amount of distance between them. She notices the strange jumpsuit attire the new arrival is wearing, trailing up from the thick black boots to the various gadgets attached to straps and belts, until she reaches her face and finds herself looking into sultry eyes.

“Hello lovely.” raised eyebrows waggle. “They call me Holtzmann”

Racing towards Belle, Holtzmann ignores Belle’s drawn blade, getting well within Belle’s personal space. She pulls back and goes into a low bow.


“Um, hello.”

“Captain Jack Harkness” Jack interjects. Reaching a hand out to Holtzmann.

“Well well.” She says, looking Jack up and down. “From one beefcake to another. Holtzmann, scientist, engineer, trans-dimensional jumper…it seems.”

“Pleasure to meet you Holtzmann”

“And you are?” she swivels on her heels to address Belle.


“And I am Chekov” Chekov pipes up from behind Holtzmann, who leaps into the air in shock.

“Jeez little man! Where did you spring from?!”

“The USS Enterprise”


“Where did you come from?” Jack asks her.

“Oh me, well, Earth, New York. The solar system. Why? Where am I now?”

“Did you not know where you were going? You were celebrating when you arrived here” comments Belle.

“Well, I know what I did.” She winks at Belle as she says this. “But I, uh, I’m not sure how I did it. Was working in the lab, trying to perfect our spectral collection packs when all of a sudden, and I really must say it was all. of. a. sudden. This big paint-down-a-plughole looking portal opens up next to me.”

“And it pulled you through?”

“Pulled? Nope. I walked. Technically sidled actually.”

“Hmm, interesting. You are something of an anomaly.” Chekov tells the group. “Belle, if I may ask, how did you arrive here?”

All eyes turn to Belle.

“Oh, uh, I was being transported back to Storybrooke from the Enchanted Forest.”

“Transported how?” demands Jack in his most authoritative voice.

“Magic. A spell.”

“I’m sorry, what?” All three reply in their own distinct intonations.

“Magic? There was a curse and I was being transported by a saviour to avoid it’s effects.” Her every statement is tinged with uncertainty, but then that might also be because of her accent.

“M’am are you suffering from some sort of hallucinogenic episode?” Holtzmann asks Belle.


“Because I’m pretty sure there is no such thing as magic.” she scoffs. “Although, I do hunt ghosts for a living…”

“Ghosts?” asks Chekov.

“Are you sure they aren’t aliens?” enquires Jack.

“Aliens?!” exclaims Belle.

“Okay, let’s take a moment!” Holtzmann yells

Zing! Pop!

“Arrival 5.”

“Who is that?” asks Holtzmann

The disembodied voice continues, “Agent Margaret Carter, worlds-class hero”.

In streaks of vibrant red and bright blue, in runs Agent Carter.

“Ah. I seem to have taken a wrong turn.” she comments.

“Hello” says Chekov with a small wave.


“Pleasure to meet you, despite the circumstances. Captain Jack Harkness”

“And you Captain. Though exactly what circumstances are these?”

“Where did you come from?” Holtzmann asks her, peering at her with enlarged eyes as she pulls her goggles down off her forehead.

“Oh, my. Uh, London, England. How specific do you need me to get?”

“Are you a hipster?” Holtzmann uses air quotes around the word: hipster. “Because if you are, that is the best outfit I’ve ever seen!”

“She’s not a hipster. I believe, Miss Carter-“

“-Agent.” she corrects. “Agent Peggy Carter”

“Apologies, Agent Carter here is, if I’m correct, from the 40s, 50s perhaps?”

“You are correct Captain, though I’m not sure why you’re referring to it like a time period gone by. Or rather, I’m concerned by it.”

“Afraid so, Peggy. May I call you Peggy?”

“Let’s start with Agent Carter for now.”

“Agent Carter. You’ve likely time travelled.”

“And trans-dimensionally relocated.” pipes up Holtzmann.

“That sounds rather like the sort of thing Howard would say.”

“Perhaps I could offer a recap? Before anyone else arrives” offers Chekov.

“Please” replies Peggy.

“I think that’d be a good idea, as I’m not really sure what any of you are talking about any more.” says Belle.

“Didn’t you say you came from an enchanted forest?” whispers Holtzmann to Belle.