The Day I Got Caught

Time one of many (because apparently I can’t learn my lesson) Sometime between 2007 and 2009.

I was away at boy scout summer camp and I had told my dad before I left that my computer had a virus on it. He was pretty skilled with computers and I didn’t know about porn and viruses having any sort of connection. So while I was away at camp, my dad decided to have a look at my laptop and texted me for the password. I texted to him and followed up with “don’t Google anything.” Google was saving your searches and if you typed anything in the search bar, it showed recent searches. So a few days after coming home from camp, my parents confronted me because out of curiosity, the looked. I told them I was curious to see what others looked like (genuinely I was because I still had no idea about this LGBTQ world even existing). Whether they bought it or not, I have no idea.

Time number two was sometime in high school. I had a kindle and figured out how to save porn to the videos. Long story short, my brother needed to borrow the kindle, so my parents went and got it, and before handing it over to my brother, they discovered my saved videos. We had a whole talk where I told them that I had no idea how it go on there… I probably could have figured something out.

Another time in high school, this happened, but with my ipod touch.

The last time I got caught, me, mom, and dad had this whole long talk about how they don’t care if I’m gay (of course they’d prefer if I weren’t because it’s a mean world out there) but I still denied it. I still thought it was just a faze. It was a whole cry feast.