Freshman Hottie

September 2010 — June 2011

This was my first year of High School, a new start, at a new school. I went from a small Catholic School with my graduating class of 17 kids, to a large Catholic High School with my class of almost 200 kids. I went to the new school with only one person I knew, and of course, it was the bully from 8th grade. Luckily, in a class of 200, we were able to distance ourselves from one another. So I had a few different classes with him, I guess the school was attempting to keep us together since we knew eachother. In each of those classes, I made new friends, all girls.

Over the course of the year, I got numbers and wound up texting a few of them a lot and some of them had crushes on me which I didn’t realize until it was too late. 2 of these I can remember exactly where I was when I found out. Both were in my bed trying to go to sleep. The first was a girl named Lauren. Me and her were playing would you rather back and forth and we had become close. As we were playing, the game grew stranger, more NSFW. The question that gave away her crush was ‘Would you rather run through a crowd of people naked, or kiss me.’ I freaked out and ran to ask my mother what to do, her advice: just tell her you don’t like her that way. So that’s what I did and that one ended very calmly.

The second one, not so much. Brooke, I can’t remember how she came out and said it, but essentially she asked if I liked her and I said no. That one blew up after I told her no. Later in class, the same class as the bully, who really has nothing to do with this story so I don’t know why I keep mentioning him, later in the class, we got into an argument. When I get angry, I tend to take whatever was said in confidence (nothing too secretive, those I save for whenever I’m completely finished with someone and want them out of my life forever) so during the argument, I threw up in her face how she’s just being a bitch because I didn’t like her. Her defense was that she does that with all her new friends, but I knew it was a lie cause we were fine until I told her no.

There were a number of other girls but those are the only two that I can remember exactly how they asked and how I turned them down.

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