Maybe a little bit of insight about us.

It seems that technological — and take technology as any means to achieve a level “higher” the one people are today — “advances” are a journey down the path of discovering our humanity itself.

What should be the general purpose of all activities humankind puts effort on to “evolve”, to advance?

We keep advancing these areas of knowledge towards what? In which direction?

It seems, at least to me, it is in a inward direction.

The problem-solution design mindset that have been ruling almost all human activities — since we can remember ourselves as conscious beings — does not raise or solve those big philosophical why’s.

“More profit”, “improving consumer experience” or “developing more efficient power plants” are not answers to why we advance in science, technology, design, communications and other areas of thought, but those “inferior” purposes — and I do not intend, in any way, to be pretencious or to debunk anyone’s work here — keep the evolution pace in their respective fields and beyond — considering their multi and trans discplinarity — and, mainly, keep revealing hidden aspects of what it is to be human.

And why the specific outputs we get while developing those areas and performing those activities are the way they are — improving profitability, consumer experience or power plants potencializing, or even capitalism or religion themselves — reveal more obscured aspects about ourselves.

This may give we humans a purpose that ends in itself and even more: the framework to chase it.

And, as animals and natural evolving beings, aligned to natural fluxes, we are not static. We flow. Being so, our said-above supposed purpose keeps updating itself and keeps itself alive — and maybe we could even say harmoniously alive — in convergence with this said-above supposed natural movement.

And that is just a little perspective.