5 Resources to Make You a Better Writer Today

I get asked so often at work how you can engage and grow and audience online that I wanted to share over some of my favorite articles and resources I have curated over the years about copywriting and content strategy.

In general, I’d sum up (like many) the biggest tip for being a better writer as: read more, write more.

Good Email Copy

When in doubt, just copy those doing it better than you– or at least steal the structure of their writing communication. Dissect it and re-purpose it. I may write a follow-up article on this concept.

How to interview like a journalist (no matter what your job is)

It doesn’t always have to be just your own words. Interview format articles can be really amazing if done well, after all people may be much more interested in the interviewee than the interviewer. Embrace it… it could make you job easier. This resource provides some really great tips on how to do good interviews. This one’s a freebie along the same lines.

We Analyzed 100 Million Headlines. Here’s What We Learned (New Research)

Buzzsumo just released this study on stupid amount of subject lines/ headlines they analyzed and there are some amazing principles in here for what engages people best on the web and how to cut through the noise. (Yes, I used this for this article. And it worked, because here you are.)

The Definitive Guide to Copywriting

I’m a fan of Neil Patel’s and in this article/ infographic (?) he does a great job of explaining some really great principles of copywriting and engaging and audience.

How To Drive 20,000 Visitors To Your Blog In 90 Days

Another Neil Patel, article on how to grow you organic search traffic. He uses himself as a case study and shares what he did to grow his own traffic to a significant following.

I’ve got more but this should be a good place to start! Happy writing!