Medium *is* Paying Off.

But how much? Enough. I think.

Ok, I recently wrote a story sharing some thoughts about Medium’s Partner program I had, and raising some questions/ flags that I saw. And this is a bit of a follow up. If you didn’t see it you can gain context here, or…

(TL;DR = I thought they were manipulating people, they aren’t. And the CEO even responded very graciously and thoughtfully, so kudos.)

Well, just a few moments ago I got an email with some FAQ’s, and general updates and such about the Partner program. In it they said that my payment dashboard should be updated to reflect how much I should get from my member-only content.

I waltzed my way over to said dashboard expecting about $.10 and to my surprise the number was much higher than that, as you can see below (more than many of my friends with music on Spotify get each month, I’d add).

For a few small claps from a few Medium members I am getting $23 for one article that I wrote. Not too shabby, I think. And surely other writers with actual readerships are getting much heftier paychecks, as they should.

Why does this matter?

Because they are freaking putting their money where their mouth is.

They are actually following through, and actually working towards a system that does what they say they are going to do. (Wondering what it’s looking like for other writers? Check it.)

It democratizes things a bit, right?

Want to get paid to write? Then write things that people want to read.

Want to write things that people want to read? Then put in the work to build a readership and deliver quality content that is entertaining, meaningful, or educational.

Want to build a readership? Then put in the work to market yourself and your work, no one else is going to. Why should they?

Either way– the platform is here and they are putting their money where their mouth is for the time being. So put in the work if it is important to you, and get rewarded for it. I dare you.