Nick, I did read several of your pieces last night and really enjoyed a couple of them.
Ev Williams

Thanks Ev!

I very much appreciate your response (and your applause now that I know it isn’t automated).

And had hoped you might take the time to respond and assuage any concerns I had or say if they were ill-founded which it seems they are. I have felt a bit yanked here and there through the process and have been left feeling a bit unsure of where common writers like myself fit in this great big, growing platform.

I think the amount of activity from Medium staff (the applause, an email for feedback I got, and then your personal touch) left me feeling I was being gamified, or like I was with that sales rep in a store that is just a bit too helpful.

I’m glad to hear my critique was wrong, and thanks for reading (and enjoying) my articles. 😉

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